Juicy Liu (2020) - DDH NEIPA

Juicy Liu (2020) - DDH NEIPA

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AvailabilityAll year round.
Back in 2019, this was our start in the world of hazy IPAs: Juicy Liu - a vigorously hopped New England IPA (NEIPA) with the two classics Mosaic and Citra. Velvety soft, deliciously fruity. For our 2020 version, we increased the amount of hops and test-ran a lower carbonation to emphasize the juice character.
Goes best withPerfect for an evening while streaming 'Charlie's Angels'.
Temperature / glaschilled. US pint.
Aromatropical, fruit.
Flavourtropical. silky. smooth
ColorLight yellow. Milky. Hazy.
HopCitra, Mosaic
MalzBarley malt, malted oats, malted wheat
Geek info
  • OG: 1.065
  • FG: 1.013

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