The two of us share a deep love for the American craft beer culture. As early as the late 90s started being fascinated by the tons of styles and exotic flavors, but also the openness and enthusiasm, the risk-taking and experimentation of the people behind it. Everyone had an exciting story to tell, no one had chosen the classic path that would lead you into brewing in Germany. At that time, the German beer culture was more of a closed system, openness and the will to innovate were rather rare. Where young US brewers shared their latest ideas .. well, over here, there was silence.


Germany has an impressive beer and brewery landscape. We have excellent and skilled first-class breweries who create impressive beers. Especially in Bavaria, there are long established companies that brew great beer - craft beer. We love the regional beers. We value the craftsmanship and enthusiasm with which every brewer makes his beer. What we lack is the openness for new things, for alternative styles, for experiments that go beyond the classic beer styles known to us. This approach is slowly finding its way through those who, like us, bring their travel experiences home and are just as enthusiastic. We are extremely happy that the German beer landscape is beginning to change and open up.


Our goal is to expand the regional and national beer landscape with exciting styles. Our goal is to complement the existing German beer culture from (also) craft-brewed styles like Pils, Helles, Weissbier, Alt, Kölsch and many other to those who fascinated us for years - craft brewed Pale Ales, India Pale Ales, Session Ales, Double IPAs, Imperial Stouts, Milk Stouts, Porters, and Barley Wines. Dry hopped with exquisite aroma hops, brewed with roasted malts that develop flavors that were previously hardly known over here. Our goal is to take you on a journey and create lasting memories like those we experienced when we drank our first dry-hopped Pale Ale in the US Pacific Northwest in 1998.


  • Founder - Managing Director - Production - Sales – Marketing
  • Online junkie, global traveler, bike freak, US classic car gearhead


  • Founder - Finance - Planning - Logistics
  • Bavarian veteran, with beer in the blood, US classic car gearhead


Office address:
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Warehouse address:
Brewheart GmbH
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