#listenemotionally - Die Brewheart Playlist

A fresh can, sun, our first session on the balcony and the perfect background tunes and this idea jumped right at us.

Very little mainstream, tracks from across all decades, genres and bands that we absolutely want to share with you. Some rather strange and freaky, others rather pleasing. Just like our beers.

Our #drinkemotionally is now joined by.... #listenemotionally.

We don't just provide you with hop rockets, we provide you with the special soundtrack to your #drinkemotionally moment.

How to listen?

For the cool kids:
  • Open the Spotify app on your phone
  • Click search / magnifying glass 
  • Click the camera next to the search (you have to enable the camera function for the Spotify app)
  • Scan the graphic below and you'll be taken directly to our playlist..
  • Crack the can. Chill!

For the cool and fast kids:

  • Just click the graphic below.


You have any song that you think should be on the list? Drop us a message right here or send us a DM via Instagram or Facebook.