We share 15 years of enthusiasm for US crafbeer. We were impressed by the styles and flavors that were still largely unknown in Europe at the time, but especially by the openness and willingness to take risks and experiment of the US brewers.

Everyone had an exciting story to tell, only a few had chosen the classic path that leads you into an industry in Germany. The focus there is on being open and willing to experiment, being part of a local social community that comes together over a beer in the taproom.


Was created in 2018 with the statement: When, if not now?

Like many US brewers, we have followed a fairly classic 'craft beer career path'. After a long time in the world of large international companies and many global impressions, it was time for something new.

From homebrewing to gypsy brewing, from supplying family and friends with small batches of beer to stepping into the professional beer world. At the end of 2018, the idea first became a plan and then a project.

We have now made the leap and export our beers internationally to 16 different countries.

We are completely self-funded, have no backers and believe in the success of independent brewers, manufacturers and brands, with the support of our customers and distributors.


Our goal is to remain independent, brew perfectly crafted beers with every brew and always try out new styles. We want to explore the possibilities and continually re-release our most popular beers.

We want to inspire as many people as possible with modernly interpreted beers and make these special beer styles out of the shadow of traditional German beers accessible to a wider public.

That means: high product quality and honesty, which we both stand for. We play with funny names and rely on creative marketing with modern design.